A mechatronics engineer passionate about the applications of artificial intelligence on robotics. Acquired a BSc. in Mechatronics Engineering from Bahçeşehir University, joining the first class of alumni from its Robotics group. Acquired an MSc. in Mechatronics Engineering from Sabancı University while part of the Cognitive Robotics Lab.


Feb '17 - Jul '19
CogRobo Lab (Sabancı University)
Developed and implemented a novel algorithm to attack the Multiple Moving Object Rearrangement problem. Created several ROS modules for the Baxter robot, including vision, pick-and-place, and real-time Bullet physics simulation integration. Implemented SLAM on Lego MindStorms EV3. Prepared and executed robotics demos to encourage high-school students towards robotics and AI.
Feb '17 - Jun '19
Teaching Assistant
FENS (Sabancı University)
Held recitation sessions to assist teaching, held office hours for after-class help for students, invigilated and corrected exams for MATH 203: Intro. to Probability and MATH 306: Statistical Modelling.
Oct '16 - Feb '17
Customer Experience Specialist
MCAN Health
Headed hair transplant operations management, developed system for the acceptance of new patients, coordinated personally between patients and several different departments of the company to create the best possible experience.
Jul '16 - Oct '16
Real Estate Broker
Istanbulline Investment
Developed part of the company identity, generated leads using directed advertisements on social networking platforms, matched international customers with market offers.
Feb '15 - Jun '15
Student Assistant
International Office (Bahçeşehir University)
Assisted in the application and registration of international students, supported staff in receiving important figures to the university, aided collaboration between several departments of the university and International Office.
Feb '14 - Dec '14
Contributed bi-weekly original content relative to student life in Istanbul, conducted interviews, took part in developing the identity of the student sub-publication.


Feb '17 - Jul '19
MSc, Mechatronics Engineering
Sabancı University
Conducted research focused on the robotic multiple movable object placement and rearragement problem as part of the Cognitive Robotics group; developed and implemented novel algorithms in the context of mechatronics and cognitive robotics. Member of the Music, Dance, Outdoor Sports, and International clubs.
GPA: 3.65
Thesis: Placement Generation and Hybrid Planning for Robotic Rearrangement on Cluttered Surfaces.
Main Topics: Local Search, Hybrid Planning, Robotics.
Sep '12 - Jan '16
BSc, Mechatronics Engineering
Bahçeşehir University
Represented the university in national engineering competitions in teams; created new system designs as part of teams and individually. Successfully lobbied university policy change as co-founder of the International club, member of the Mechatronics club.
GPA: 3.35
Capstone Project: Robotic Hand Control with a Generic Glove.
Main Topics: Embedded Systems, Mechanical Design, Robotics.
Sep '11 - Jun '12
GCE A-level
The Westminster School
Participated in debate team for 2 years; hosted a mathemagic competition; gave lectures to younger classes; acted in two skits (one of which I co-wrote); took part in various writing competitions; delivered multiple speeches on stage; co-managed and co-planned multiple events; co-managed security for large open-to-all event; was in ICT, chess, environmental and writing clubs; was very active as a member in the student and class councils.
Topics: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology.


[In preparation for T-RO]
Object Placement on Cluttered Surfaces: A Nested Local Search Approach
AR Dabbour, E Erdem, V Patoğlu
A novel method that computes a collision-free placement of objects on a cluttered surface using nested local searches that perform multi-objective optimizations guided by heuristics.
IAT 2018
PID-Controlled Laparoscopic Appendectomy Device
AR Dabbour, A Şabanoviç, M Elitaş
A novel multifunctional laparoscopy tool intended for robotic-assisted surgery is motorized and a control architecture using a set of simple PID controllers is developed.


Jan '19
Machine Learning
A Backgammon AI agent and environment for benchmarking reinforcement learning.
Nov '18
Easy Baxter
Several tools to operate theBaxterrobot using its cameras to identify, localize and provide visual servoing for pick-and-place operations. Also allows communication with the Bullet physics engine via ROS to generate the environment it sees in live simulation.
Oct '18
A Robotics/AI blog aimed towards novices as well as a personal portfolio.
Aug '18
Robotic Tic-Tac-Toe
An unbeatable AI agent, using the minimax algorithm, integrated with the Baxter robot and its cameras that enables playing Tic-Tac-Toe.
Jun '17
Hand Gesture Recognition
Digital Image Processing
Software that quickly and robustly recognizes hand gestures using a novel architecture centered around the KCF tracking filter.
Dec '15
Robotic Rock-Paper-Scissors
Introduction to Robotics
Computer Vision algorithm that recognizes hand gestures integrated with the Allegro Hand robot that enables playing Rock-Paper-Scissors.
Aug '14
TÜBİTAK Efficiency Challenge
A lightweight, aerodynamic chassis and outer design for an electric car.
Nov '13
3D-Printable Drone
10th International METU Robot Days
A light multicopter that can be completely built using a limited home 3D printer.


Feb '17
Full Scholarship
Sabancı University
Awarded for academic excellence in support of my graduate studies.
Jun '14, Jan '15, Jan '16
High Honor Roll (x3)
Bahçeşehir University
A per-semester full tuition waiver awarded for very high academic excellence.
Jan '13, Jun '13, Jan '14, Jun '15
Honor Roll (x4)
Bahçeşehir University
Awarded for academic excellence on a per-semester basis.
Jun '15
BISC Participation
Bahçeşehir University
Awarded for active leadership in the International Student Community.