Curriculum Vitae


An engineer with a simple goal: making robots a boring reality! Experienced in the domains of manipulation, navigation, and SLAM, among others. Currently making robot deliveries a boring reality with Delivers AI. Holds a BSc. and an MSc. in Mechatronics Engineering from Bahçeşehir University and Sabancı University, respectively.


May ‘21 - Current

Robotics Software Engineer, Delivers.AI

  • Develop a 3D SLAM framework for ground robots.

Oct ‘19 - Apr ‘21

Robotics Software Engineer, Polonom Robotics

  • Design and develop a 3D navigation framework for autonomous aerial robots.
  • Design, develop and integrate autonomous robot navigation solutions.
  • Design and develop path planning and path tracking algorithms for autonomous aerial and ground robots.
  • Develop a map representation for the autonomous navigation of ground robots on rough terrain.
  • Develop the testbed for robot simulation.
  • Provide training in intelligent control and reinforcement learning to clients.
  • Design the security guidelines of the software development and robot deployment processes.
  • Design the test workflow of the software development and robot deployment processes.
  • Assist in the design and implementation of the robot solution API.
  • Assist in the design and implementation of the continuous development pipeline.
  • Produce reports of SOTA mobile robotics.

Feb ‘17 - Aug ‘19

Research Assistant, CogRobo Lab (Sabancı University)

  • Developed and implemented a novel SOTA algorithm to attack the Placement Generation and Rearrangement Planning problems.
  • Created several ROS modules for the Baxter robot, including object recognition, visual servoing, pick-and-place, and real-time Bullet physics simulation.
  • Implemented SLAM on Lego MindStorms EV3.
  • Prepared and executed demos to encourage high-school students towards robotics and AI.
  • Produced presentations of SOTA cognitive robotics.

Feb ‘17 - Jun ‘19

Teaching Assistant, FENS (Sabancı University)

  • Held recitation sessions to assist teaching.
  • Held office hours for after-class help for students.
  • Proctored and corrected exams and homeworks.
  • Collaborate with lead teachers to develop curriculum.

Oct ‘16 - Feb ‘17

Customer Experience Specialist, MCAN Health

  • Headed hair transplant operations management.
  • Developed system for the acceptance of new patients.
  • Coordinated personally between patients and all company departments to create the best possible customer experience.

Jul ‘16 - Oct ‘16

Real Estate Broker, Istanbulline Investment

  • Developed part of the company identity.
  • Generated leads using directed advertisements on social networking platforms.
  • Matched international customers with suitable market offers.

Jul ‘15 - Aug ‘15

Intern Engineer, Asal İklimlendirme

  • Analyzed feasibility of HVAC system installations.
  • Created manuals for field maintenance technicians.

Jun ‘15 - Jul ‘15

Intern Engineer, Alkarmel Kağıt ve Hijyenik Ürünleri

  • Supervised production lines for sanitary pads and toilet paper.

Feb ‘15 - Jun ‘15

Student Assistant, International Office (Bahçeşehir University)

  • Assisted in the application and registration of international students.
  • Supported staff in receiving important figures to the university.
  • Aided collaboration between several departments of the university and International Office.

Feb ‘14 - Dec ‘14

Writer, Yabangee

  • Contributed bi-weekly original content relative to student life in Istanbul.
  • Took part in developing the identity of the student sub-publication.


Feb ‘17 - Jul ‘19

MSc in Mechatronics Engineering, Sabancı University

  • Conducted research on the object placement and rearrangement problems in the Cognitive Robotics group.
  • Implemented novel algorithms in the context of AI, mechatronics, and robotics.
  • GPA: 3.65
  • Thesis: Placement generation and hybrid planning for robotic rearrangement on cluttered surfaces.
  • Main Topics: Local Search, Hybrid Planning, Robotics.

Sep ‘12 - Jan ‘16

BSc, Mechatronics Engineering, Bahçeşehir University

  • Represented the university in national engineering competitions in teams.
  • Created new system designs as part of teams and individually.
  • GPA: 3.35
  • Capstone Project: Robotic Hand Control with a Generic Glove.
  • Main Topics: Embedded Systems, Mechanical Design, Robotics.


MSc. Thesis

Placement generation and hybrid planning for robotic rearrangement on cluttered surfaces - AR Dabbour

  • A general solution to the rearrangement of multiple arbitrarily-shaped objects on a cluttered flat surface with multiple movable objects and obstacles is proposed.
  • A novel method to solve the object placement problem is introduced, utilizing nested local searches guided by intelligent heuristics to efficiently perform multi-objective optimizations.
  • The solutions computed by our method satisfy the collision-freeness constraint, and involves minimal movements of the clutter.
  • Based on such a solution, we introduce a hybrid method to generate an optimal feasible rearrangement plan, by integrating ASP-based high-level task planning with low-level feasibility checks.
  • Our hybrid planner is capable of solving challenging non-monotone rearrangement planning instances that cannot be solved by the existing geometric rearrangement approaches.

IAT 2018

PID-Controlled Laparoscopic Appendectomy Device - AR Dabbour, A Şabanoviç, M Elitaş

  • A novel multifunctional laparoscopy tool intended for robotic-assisted surgery is motorized.
  • A control architecture using a set of simple PID controllers is developed.


May ‘20


  • A mobile robot path planner powered by OMPL.

Mar ‘20


  • A simple mobile robot with a 6 DOF manipulator for quick ROS prototyping.

Jul ‘19


  • Placement and planning for robotic rearrangement problems.

Jan ‘19


  • A Backgammon AI agent and environment for benchmarking reinforcement learning.

Nov ‘18


  • Several tools to operate the Baxter robot using its cameras to identify, localize and provide visual servoing for pick-and-place operations.
  • Also allows communication with the Bullet physics engine via ROS to generate the environment it sees in live simulation.

Aug ‘18

Robotic Tic-Tac-Toe

  • An unbeatable AI agent, using the minimax algorithm, integrated with the Baxter robot and its cameras that enables playing Tic-Tac-Toe.

Jun ‘17

Hand Gesture Recognition

  • Software that quickly and robustly recognizes hand gestures using a novel architecture centered around the KCF tracking filter.

Dec ‘15

Robotic Rock-Paper-Scissors

  • Computer Vision algorithm that recognizes hand gestures integrated with the Allegro Hand robot that enables playing Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Aug ‘14


  • A lightweight, aerodynamic chassis and outer design for an electric car.

Nov ‘13

3D-Printable Drone

  • A light multicopter that can be completely built using a limited home 3D printer.


Feb ‘17

Full Scholarship, Sabancı University

  • Awarded for academic excellence in support of my graduate studies.

Jun ‘14, Jan ‘15, Jan ‘16

High Honor Roll (x3), Bahçeşehir University

  • A per-semester full tuition waiver awarded for very high academic excellence.

Jan ‘13, Jun ‘13, Jan ‘14, Jun ‘15

Honor Roll (x4), Bahçeşehir University

  • Awarded for academic excellence on a per-semester basis.

Jun ‘15

BISC Participation, Bahçeşehir University

  • Awarded for active leadership in the International Student Community.