Who dis?

Fig. 1 - Me with termo-baxter!

Hello, and welcome to my little website!

I am currently a Robotics Software Engineeer in Delivers AI working on autonomous delivery robots. Previously, I was with Polonom Robotics, where I focused on the problem of robot navigation in 2D and 3D for ground and aerial robots alike. Prior to that I was with the Sabanc─▒ University Cognitive Robotics lab, working (mainly) on the Geometric Rearrangement problem, while assisting in teaching undergraduate math classes.

Professionally, employers have given me the titles of manager, engineer, teacher, guitarist, and writer; most of those have been short acts - some too insignificant to even include in my CV.

On a more personal note, I am very exploratory in my free time, and that has contributed greatly to who I am. I sometimes take nice photos and publish them on my Unsplash account. If you have an interesting project or proposal, don't hesitate to contact me.