Hello, and welcome to my little website! Eventually, this is intended to be a portfolio of my work with a semi-technical blog to the side.

In the blog, titled Postscript, I pour my residual thoughts after projects into writing. This helps me organize and formalize my thoughts properly, and I also use my writings as references when I forget concepts. Quoting from the Wikipedia page,

A postscript may be a sentence, a paragraph, or occasionally many paragraphs added, often hastily and incidentally, after the signature of a letter or (sometimes) the main body of an essay or book.

Professionally, employers have given me the titles of manager, engineer, teacher, guitarist, and writer; most of those have been short acts - some too insignificant to even include in my CV.

Currently, I am wrapping up my MSc. in Mechatronics Engineering from Sabancı University, where I am also a teaching assitant, and actively work in the Cognitive Robotics lab (mainly) on the Geometric Rearrangement problem.

On a more personal note, I am very exploratory in my free time, and that has contributed greatly to who I am. It is the defining feature of what I consider my strong suits and weak spots simultaneously. I am very attracted to the shiny allure of things I am completely oblivious about. If you have an interesting project or proposal, don't hesitate to contact me.

As a final note, I would like to extend my gratitude to the great Open Source community, without whom the tasks of building websites, learning topics, implementing projects, etc. would be much more difficult. This website shamelessly uses the One Dark color palette and the Fira typeface. The website's (messy) source code can be found here.